Cast Iron Column Radiators – Make a Statement With Your Heating

Cast iron column radiators can be a beautiful piece of decor inside any home.  These heating aids are not simply a source of warmth. They can provide your home with a sense of style, and unique elegance.  Therefore, they should be displayed as a focal point of the room, not hidden away in a dark corner.  Below are some tips for incorporating your cast iron radiator into the rooms decorating theme, which you may find helpful in your design efforts.

First, it is important to know that Cast iron column radiators are offered in a variety of interesting color choices.  You no longer must choose from blacks or imagination lacking whites.  Instead, you may set your sites on a broader spectrum of huge.  Evaluate your homes theme and choose a color, which well compliments the space.  If you are trying for a modern “new age” look, you may opt for a column radiator that is bright in color.  Bright blues, pinks, greens, and even yellows can be a good choice to aid in your artistic efforts.

cast iron column radiatorsIf the room is done in a more elegant style, Victorian Cast Iron Column Radiators may be a beautiful addition.  These radiators often come in a shade of intertwined bronze, copper, and silver colorings.  As well, many of them feature an artful, swirl leaf design which may gracefully adorn each of the radiators panels.  This marriage of Victorian elegance and romantic flair is an absolute eye catcher in any home.  Your guest will be in awe of this majestic “furnishing” which you have so tastefully chosen.

Black was mentioned earlier and described as being “drab”.  It doesn’t have to be.  In more “shabby chic” themed rooms, black Cast Iron Column Radiators can actually make quite a bold statement.  Picture a room with luxuriant black leather furniture.  The throw pillows are a sassy zebra print, and the center of the floor is covered with a white, fur area rug.  A tall column radiator, colored in the deepest glossy black would be a beautiful addition to this room.

If the radiator heater is to be placed in a nursery, you may have a lot of fun decorating around it.  If the nursery is set to a Curious George theme, then choose a bright yellow Cast Iron Column Radiator.  This sunny shade will blend in well with Georges yellow shirt and big bright bananas.  If your little ones room embraces a circus theme, choose a column radiator that is a rich shade of blue or whacky green.  If the nursery follows a train theme, go with a bright red Cast Iron Column Radiator.  This will reflect the same color as “The little engine that could”.

No matter what decorating theme you are trying to follow, you can certainly find a Cast Iron Column Radiator to enhance the decor.  Just use your imagination and have fun.  Do not be afraid to let the radiator shine as a focus point of the room.  Guest to your home will fall in love with this modern twist of  traditional  warmth.

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